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Marine & Coast

In 2021, we continued to encourage an awareness of how our actions, particularly our land actions, have adverse effects on our coast and marine life. Even though we are in a landlocked province, we have continued to highlight the plight of our oceans and have stressed that each individual, no matter where they live or how old they are, can help to reduce our wasteful and careless disposal of single-use plastics and other used items.


Focal areas under this theme are covered in CAPS curriculum topics, as well as beyond the curriculum:

  • The ocean's global role: Climate and how things grow in the ocean.

  • The South African Coastline: How healthy or threatened it is; eco-tourism along the coast, livelihood and recreation.

  • Threats to marine environments: Things we put into the ocean, what we take out, climate change, what we do from catchment areas to the coast matters.

  • Sustainability: We encourage local 'green' choices, preventing marine pollution, and reducing our plastic consumption.

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