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Community & Heritage

Learning about how individual and collective action can contribute positively to national and global citizenship, remains a key focus area for the entire St Andrew's community.  We continue our outreach initiative, Ubambiswano, weekly sandwich donations to iThemba Feeding Scheme, our partnership with the Round Square Organisation and highlighting various culturally important days in weekly assemblies, dress-up days, displays, etc.  


Focal areas under this theme are covered in the CAPS curriculum topics, as well as beyond the curriculum:

  • Conserving our cultural heritage: Exploring cultural expression through arts and crafts, learning about cultural traditions and practices and getting to know nearby cultural sites.

  • ·Conserving our natural heritage: Celebrating and protecting biomes, creating habitats, taking action for endangered species and growing indigenous gardens.

  • Contributing to national identity: What we eat and exploring the rainbow nation and its people through time.

  • Cherishing our indigenous knowledge: Getting to know how people used to do things, and learning about tools, artifacts and ways of being through the ages.

  • Building the South African community: Celebrating environmental days, honouring and observing important days for different cultures, and learning about the many cultures in South Africa through food, language, art, crafts and more.

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